Prototype: Dispatch App

The BlueNet prototype is implemented as an Android Chat app with map view. This page provides the download link, introduction of features, and the demonstration of the prototype.


The Android installing package can be downloaded here.


The Dispatch app is designed with the following features:

  • Interactive Map View

    The app is based on the view of google map. Users will be able to find nearby users and start a chat by clicking the user’s icon.

  • BlueChat

    The chat box allows user to send and receive messages both from single user or from multiple users using the broadcast function.

  • SOS Signal Dissemination

    At the bottom of the map view, a user can conveniently enter a short message and broadcast it to all devices in BlueNet. This can be used in emergency cases for drawing everyone’s attention to something of importance.


Full Demo

Basic User Interface

Sing-hop Chat:

Group Broadcast

Multi-hop Chat